Email... meet Slack.
Send, receive, and collaborate on your business gmail accounts - right in Slack

We all love Slack..

and want to be able to field questions, assist clients and respond to sales inquiries as fast as possible.

Insert Arlie; Your collaborative Slack assistant!
  • One-Click Setup
    Connect your existing gmail accounts with one click and start receiving and managing your emails instantly.
  • Collaborate
    Add your Google email accounts into a private group or public channel, then invite your co-workers into that channel to instantly start collaborating on incoming emails. Come up with the perfect responses to customer questions, sales leads, and other business-critical operations.
  • Security
    Arlie uses SSL encryption and Google's Gmail API with your email accounts. This means we never store your emails and you own all your email data.
  • Send Emails, too!
    Author and send emails right in Slack with Arlie, too! Get input in real time from co-workers on that perfect subject line and message.
  • User Access Control
    Control who can access and collaborate on a given email account by simply managing the users in the Slack channel! If you want to give a new user access, then just use the command /invite @username or the channel settings (gear) icon. Both are built right into Slack.

Emails are piped directly into your Slack channel ready for you to interact with them instantly.


Collaborate on the spot with your fellow employees for quick turnaround from various users.